Contract Address is now required to use event sync

Upon upgrading our server from 0.0.279 to 0.0.308 I noticed that I am no longer able to event sync to a contract abi + event without providing a contract address. Previously we used this feature to listen to events on contracts with known abis without specifying the contract (as we have multiple identical contracts). Is this an intended feature or a bug?

In the Moralis Admin UI I can no longer press the confirm button without entering a contract address.

I think that it is intentional now. A reason could be that we don’t know only by event topic how many events will have to sync and by using the topic and address we can know if it will be more than 500k events to sync or not. And if there will be more than 500k events then you can not enable historical sync because the server probably will not be able to handle all those events.