Connection to ETH and Polygon Nodes Java

I’m trying the full archive polygon node from Moralis but I’m having some trouble making it work. I have a small java program that filters erc725 profile creation events and prints identities to the screen. The contract has been deployed on ETH, XDAI and MATIC and I’ve been running this on both ETH (infura node) and XDAI ( node) for a while with no issues. I have recently tried using the Moralis archive node for Polygon but it’s not getting past events for some reason.

This is what I’m getting when trying to sync to Polygon :

I’ve also tried the ETH archive node from Moralis and it’s not working aswell. I have no issues with the one from infura though. Any idea on what the problem might be ?

I’ve just tested polygon and eth nodes. They work correctly.

Event subscription is available only if you use websocket connection, not http.

Can you please try using a web socket connection? :raised_hands:

Hi Yomoo,
Thanks for the quick reply. I’ve tried using a wss connection but it is still not working for some reason.

Does it not work at all or after a certain amount of time?

It waits a little over a minute and then gives this error. I’m not getting any identity from line 47.

I just tried tried with ETH wws and the result is the same.

@Yomoo Is there any update on this ?