Connection refused

I’m getting connection refused on my test instance, but on localhost everything works great.

Any idea? i’m using PHP Parse SDK to connect to moralis server;

I don’t know.
Can you give more details? That error message looks like it can not make the tcp connection

There is nothing else in error message other than on picture. I’m using Curl http client to make connection to moralis server. Do i need to open port(s) on server to be able to communicate and which port if any?

it shouldn’t be any ports that you have to open, as you connect to the server

With same details on localhost everything is working fine. But in shared hosting using Curl http client class in the SDK won’t work.

Any idea?
Do i need something to whitelist, to configure in moralis server. Since i’m not accessing MongoDB i assume that whiteisting IP in that section won’t do anything to solve my problem.