Connection Issues to Moralis Server

I have tried numerous times to connect to each of my Moralis servers using the server url and appID const in my main.js and when I test the html with LiveServer (Visual Studio Code) there is nothing displayed in the console log.

Nothing is getting logged with Moralis. It’s just blank.

I have the variables of my server URL and appID in the main.js file, which is referenced in my html.

I also have the source code referenced in my html:

Again, nothing is logging in the console. If I do “hello world” it logs in the console in the browser but no other errors.

I tried using some info from an older tutorial’s server url and appID and I can see connection errors in the console log, but with my current servers (I have tried all three), there is no log, nor connection, nor errors. It’s just blank.

Also, my Moralis dashboards aren’t showing any users, which means there have been zero connections.

What am I missing?

you have to login to see users in dashboards
you can look in network tab in your browser to see the connections

I am logged into Moralis and there have been no users in my server’s dashboard. That’s not what I am troubleshooting. I can’t establish a connection with my Moralis server.

I am talking about the console log in the Live Server not displaying the data I am requesting from Moralis

And the console is showing no errors. It doesn’t say a connection is established at all with Moralis but it also doesn’t say there are any errors in my js.

*edit to include: I have also tried different browsers to run Live Server in and I still have the same problem. No Moralis data is being logged in the console.

what did you try to log in console in order to see something there?

can you try to use a web3api call and log the output?



I am using brave browser and connected to Metamask.

can you show more of your code, where do you call those 2 functions?

I call them in the main.js file under the constants: serverUrl and appId, under Moralis.start({ serverUrl, appId});

Literally following the instructions in Moralis docs and it doesn’t work.

Can you show more of your code please :raised_hands: everything looks right for the two functions you wrote, but can’t deduce further without looking at the bigger picture of your code