Connecting moralis DB to excel?

I am working on an NFT project for a client that would like access to the Moralis DB. He said he would prefer to connect in using Excel.

Is there a way to do this?

If not how can I let someone view the DB without giving them my Moralis login?

you can dump the data from db in a CSV format, you can connect directly to the db and do that:

You can do this from Excel? I have 0 experience with Excel to know if this translates to it

I don’t know, I thought that you know Excel by how you asked that question :slight_smile:

what you can do from excel then?

I dont use excel. My client says he would like to also be able to view the DB from excel (excel is his specialty).

ok, then maybe you can ask him how to connect excel to mongo db

Have a look at these links:

Using Microsoft Query in Excel to Connect to MongoDB (