Connecting Ganesh to MORALIS, Windows PowerShell problem

Hi, Im watching and I´m in the step where I have to paste the path to frp file to Windows Power Shell, but the program says that there is an error and the path doesn´t exist, I will put a picture to see if you find something.

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Hi @MpG27

You shouldn’t provide a path in ""

example: cd C:\Users\Me

when you are in C:\Users\Pseba you could run cd Downloads, then with dir command you can list what is in that directory, then you can go in frp specific folder by writing cd frp and then hitting tab to get autocomplete.

you’ll have to extract the contents of that .zip file before doing that part with cd command.

I kind of tried but it is not working, probably I did something wrong (I literally know nothing about programming so I kind of need baby steps instructions :rofl:"

there are different commands, not all on the same line :slight_smile:
first you type cd Downloads then you hit enter
then you type dir and you hit enter again
then you type cd frp and you hit tab and then enter

Still not working, maybe the .I even extracted the zip file, but it still says that frp doesn´t exist, even thought I can literally see it on “downloads”

Any clue would be nice, and thanks for your help so far

if you extracted it directly in Downloads folder, then you don’t have to use cd any more after you are in Download folder. You can execute it directly by writing frpc.exe -c frpc.ini and hitting enter after you update what it is in frpc.ini file specific to your Moralis Server.