Connecting Ganache to Moralis Server (issue with linux path)

Hey! I’m struggling to connect Ganache to the Moralis server using linux, which is done in the tutorial at the 3.12 mark.

The problem is with changing the directory of the absolute path in the terminal. I’ve done the steps up to this point like downloading the .frp linux folder and changing the contents of the frpc.ini file to sync with the devchain server.

However, after finding the absolute path of the .frp folder using the ‘locate’ command, the "cd “absolute path” command only returns “no such file or directory”. (This has happened for all 8 linux .frpc folders that are available.)

I’m not sure if the path is wrong, or if there is some other issue.
Please let me know what can be done.

you have to extract the archive contents first, in case that you didn’t do that already
then, you have to be in the same folder as where is that archive, that locate it seems that it only returns the location, you also have to move in the same folder with cd

You nailed it!

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