Connect metamask on mobile with Walletconnect?

My app works well on desktop but on mobile devices It fails to connect to metamask.
I guess I have to connect it through WalletConnect, but this is not obvious to me.

If I’m on the right direction here: which is the most-straightforward way to do it?

Coming soon, not implemented yet

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@Xunorus found the same issue for my stuff and here is a solution I discovered:

On mobile phone download metamask app. Once you log in, there is a browser inside the app where you can enter your dApp’s url. From there everything works like on desktop.

Not a perfect solution but a good work around.



YEEEEESSS! thanks! I didnt realize this sooner :sweat_smile:


Is it well implemented now? I’m still stuck to doing it from mobile. It’s opening Metamask but do nothing else.

Hi yes WalletConnect works with MetaMask. WalletConnect - Moralis

For an example you can look at web3uikit.