Confirm Project DNS & hosting options integrating Moralis

I realised I was proceeding with some old Assumptions from 20 years ago about webhost server config on the Infrastructure Side starting from DNS Config of the multiple domain names and servers to utilise.

I know there is more than one way to do it but I must end all assumptions by confirming how it really is in this new Moralis setup that is not like how I used to do things.

so naturally first thing I did was config to resolve to

see it works

and really just occured to me, perhaps thats not really the right way.
Perhaps should be mapped to the existing hosting service home directory of ~userid/publichtml/
and then that subdomains local executabe scripts directory contains the code calling to to display off that webhosts webpage.

or does calls to full complete webpage output approriate by browser id

I could see how as a mobile device dapp the fully contained dapp could on the device would just make api calls to
but I would rather want to present it as making API calls to

and really same for regular web browsers and generally, I want to make it very difficult for any body to discover who my back end hosting or service providers are.
and to provide 1 branded domain name interface to all of it.

Next the school has decided that since they have over 50 domain names on WP/WooCommerce Old FinTech payment Gateways that cant be shutdown for each artists personal website which could get a to display only that artists Pieces

which leads me to about 6 mappings of to
or 6 mappings of to with each site using its local cgibin/scripts directory to make API calls to

and then I will need to maintain a list of which ip addresses in use include userid/passwd logins for any of the devs on all sides (ive still got a dozen of my own)

while I enjoy building data centres I know Moralis is to hide all that for you code devs to never think about it but I still need to understand which pieces of code are living on which Service Provider hardware and which ones my admins can log in to directly and which ones the devs can log into directly and which ones they cant.
and then to decipher which makes the Optimized Model for all my dev teams to use going forward for the next 5 to 10 years.

OK so I have to integrate existing live site Old Tech back end with new Moralis Tech back end

Then I have to be able to explain it to the non crypto devs at the school and the new crypto devs I will be working with now and in the future.

@ivan Please set me straight on the optimum straight forward approach , the ’ Right Way ’ that works for this School with 50 WP websites transitioning their registrar to the first Crypto Project they have ever looked at. I need to confirm I do not inadvertently setup a messy config that makes life really difficult in 2 to 3 years.

Ive always considered it my responsibility to over think all the options in the beginning to be sure we choose the right path and I need clear input instead of my guessing. especially with this being the very begining of more dev projects coming my way

Thank you


Hey I’m not sure what you are asking. Can you please summarize in 2-3 sentences max? :pray:

maybe i hit analysis paralysis so I try again to be concise tomorrow.

this unique use case is centric to an arts school transitioning from a web of over dozen websites of voluminous content by a rather small set of Pro Artists familiar with godaddy WP Setups and then ME being their Primary Tech escorting them to NFT Crpto Heaven
but I just got to this cloud and im not sure the best way to enable the school to continue maintaining the current setup of sites and learn how the whole NFT Thing works but jumping into a Rapid Deployment exercise by setting up their Registrar as NFT on Moralis BackEnd.

which is the right model to config DNS subdomains for their existing sites or just use an internal subdirectoy of the existig domain to make api calls to to enhance that sites existing presentation

or refuse that kind of model and restrict it all to only be accessible via the singular subdomain mapped directly to as the only viable interface

or perhaps best to generate a pure new domain name like and tell them to focus their other existing domains on continued marketing and promotion just as they are now.

I see too many different ways it could be done.

so I reassess MY Priorities.

  1. avoid inadvertently making a messy setup that will cause us all headaches in the future
  2. Gonna Be simplest domain config and server setup and where the code lives for ME to manage for 10 years
  3. guide the school in the best model to transition their existing portfolio of art domain names to integrate WEB3 Moralis Style over the next 5 years. its really supposed to be about their larger picture needs and they already see this Crypto Tech as a new more complicated way of doing things.

Explain which approach is best for them at next weekends review meeting with the administrator/manager who is also the singular web dev they have relied on for 25 years who doesnt under stand crypto or defi yet and who will be signing up to ivan on tech and moralis to get the right course ware and learning and training to DO Things Correctly From the Start.


SO I decided to go with what suits me best for simplicity and for the next request to integrate another one of their 2 dozen sites I’ll build a bridge or tunnel to make it look seemless when it comes up.

so now what I Want is to set DNS such that is set to resolve to
and have no content or code on

but I can see that is not quite right because :2053/server is usually not part of DNS Config
from here I can see that domain admin (Stardreamer from the school) has made unknown error as there seems to be no CName

I must have the proper details in hand for my onsite meeting to set it correctly.

what is the right way to configure dns for to display

maybe he configured the dns as a domain forwarding instead.

I sense I am missing something, whats the right way?

Thank you