Coinbase Wallet Connection in Dapp

Hi, I’m creating an NFT Marketplace on moralis. I cant find any way to use WalletLink or any other method to connect Coinbase with my marketplace. Any Suggestions?

So first Coinbase itself is not supported but Coinbase Wallet is.

When you want to connect your coinbase wallet to your dApp you can easily scan the qr code in coinbase wallet App when walletconnect pops up on your dApp.

are you sure ? Wallet Connect does not supports Coinbase. That im certain of

Coinbase isnt listed here in list of wallets

Yes… I believe Coinbase Wallet can be linked to Moralis dApp. How am I gonna apply this to effect. Meanwhile I liked your Moralis Tutorial on Youtube. Thank you

Yes Coinbase is not a WalletConnect compatible wallet, it is WalletLink wallet :raised_hands:, you need to add custom wallet provider integration, but it’s not that difficult to do


Is there any documentation on how a custom wallet provider integration can be done?

Did anyone ever find this documentation??