cloudflare access error WITHOUT requests

Hello, I have a problem. Following the instructions, I successfully authenticate using Metamask on my page. Next, follow the instructions from here I have installed the opensea plugin. Next, I activate plugins using the Moralis.initPlugins() method and then call the Moralis.Plugins.opensea.createBuyOrder method. This is where the error starts, the method always returns me an error with the code 500004, and the API Error 403: Unauthorized message. Full message wasโ€ฆ, and then comes the html code of the cloudflare page with a lock, as if I made a lot of requests. But I didnโ€™t commit them! What is the problem?

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I think that it is a problem with the opensea key that opensea plugin uses, and I think that it works on testnet but not on mainnet

we donโ€™t have a solution now to that problem, in case that it is the same problem as here: OpenSea plugin API Error 403: Unauthorized when using mainnet