Cloud Functions Limits?

Hello. I have Cloud Functions file 69kb(481 lines) and i cant add more lines. Code is without mistakes. On 0.0.234 and 0.0.227 servers there is limit about 500 lines. Moralis doesnt want to save it. On moralis website and even if i try to do it using SDK. “loading failed”

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Excuse me, please. I forgot

I know the code is not optimized. But still what’s the problem

I found the problem. This is because i tried to store a lot of ABIs inside as consts. What is the best way to store custom ABIs for getting them inside Cloud functions?

Thanks we will check, it’s a bit busy today, but within 24h we should be able to check, sorry for delay

Thanks Ivan. There isn’t problem with Moralis. This is my bad. I have to optimise ABIs storage. But i dont really know there to storage them. Inside Cloud functions as global constants or in database as object or there is anouther better ways to do it. Becaue smartcontracts ABI are very large objects.