Cloud function update not working

Hi team,
Our cloud functions suddenly stopped reflecting updates from dashboard and cli and need some help.
Weird thing is updated cloud function code get’s reflected on the dashboard’s cloud function viewer but it’s not actually using the updated code on the backend
It seems to be coming from syntax error in cloud function but we tried removing all the line from the cloud function and still have the issue.
also cli get-logs stopped working as well
could the server restart do the trick or is it something else?
server url:
error message on restart and update:

but cloud function is empty and saved.

When you update the cloud code in the admin interface, it will take some time until it is updated in the backend, it takes more time for upgraded servers as they have more CPU cores and the cloud code updates by default on one cpu core at a time.

I can fix that cloud error on that server now.

thanks for the quick response and the details!
I’ve got the cli get-log function back and tried to update the function again to see what happens and seems like it’s not updating still.
usually when I push the update, the logs will show multiple lines of ‘initializing …’ but it’s been 5 min without any of those log outputs

I’m trying an update on that server now

I just tried updating the cloud functions again and it worked!
Thank you for the fix!
works properly now :slight_smile: