Cloud function / server issues

I’ve been having issues with my cloud functions and servers for a couple hours

  1. When I update my cloud function code on my IDE / the dashboard, the changes show up in the file but are not reflected when I call the functions (an older version of the function gets called).

  2. I cannot restart my server as it says there is an Undefined/Syntax error in my code (tried deleting the code and trying again but did not work)

  3. When I use the moralis-admin-cli, it only detects one of my other servers and not the one I’m currently working on.

I’m not sure why these issues are happening (whether its an issue on my end or on Moralis’s). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I don’t know about the 3rd issue, about the first 2 I know, first is related to this:

second is related to first one, while it is updating the cloud code, you can not restart the server and you get that error

if you have an upgraded instance it can take some minutes until the cloud code updates on all the CPU cores, it updates one CPU core at a time

Never mind, I checked the status of services and it looks like real-time updates are currently down. I will wait for them to be fixed.