Cloud Function error - does not work afterSave for Moralis.User

Hey guys
I am going to add new row in customized NftUser class when added new row in User class.
So I wrote the cloud function as follow:

Moralis.Cloud.afterSave(Moralis.User, async (request) => {
    const logger = Moralis.Cloud.getLogger();"added new user"); 

But it does not work.
What should I do?
code looks like this:

Moralis.Cloud.afterSave("EthTransactions", async function(request) {
  const confirmed = request.object.get("confirmed");
  if (confirmed) {
    // do something
  } else {
    // handle unconfirmed case

Hey @cryptokid
Thanks for your reply.
But for PREDEFINED CLASSES, we should not pass a string for the first argument. Instead, we should pass the class itself, for example:

Moralis.Cloud.afterSave(Moralis.User, async (request) => {
    // code here

User class is the predefined class. right?

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Hey @yuki

Try to use it this way:

Moralis.Cloud.afterSave("Users", async (request) => {
    // code here