Cloud function code sync

Is there any issue with cloud function code sync today?

I am modifying my code in cloud functions (I have a bsc testnet server), but its not reflecting. My changes are not visible when I call my function/API which was created on cloud function. But when I check from moralis admin panel, my changes are well saved there.

Can someone please look into this?
It’s been hours now, and still not synced.

Hey, I just saw another post related to this. Check Looks like some services are currently being fixed. Guess we just gotta wait

you can post your server subdomain too

My subdomain: fb6dubpcukrz

Seems services are still impacted, its been more than 10 hrs now. When can I expect resolution? I am building one application using this in test environment, but got stuck bcoz of this issue.

Currently I’m using free moralis account, planning to upgrade the plan soon for production rollout.
Is this impact for paid users as well? This kind of issue will be a real deterent for production use case.