Cloud function code is removed in new Moralis Interface

I think today the whole moralis interface and design are changed. There was some update. But after all these changes, I lost the whole of my Cloud function code. Now I don’t see any option on the server in the cloud server menu.
Is this a temporary bug or it is completely lost and I have to write everything again?

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You didn’t lost the cloud code, it is still present, you can still go to the legacy interface to see it in the interface. for the legacy UI

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But is there a plan to show the cloud function code in the new interface, as was there in the old one?
That was really useful.

I think there must be a feature to show cloud function code in the new interface because it would be very helpful.

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@vikasg, @abdullahpixelhunters, from what I know there isn’t a plan for now to show the cloud code in the new interface

Ohh, that’s sad to hear. This was really useful, and should be there.

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I noticed this too… and thought to myself, Moralis claims to make building Web3 easy… Now it feels to me its gotten more complicated after looking at the new requirement for implementing the Cloud Code Function. I really preferred they keep the way Cloud function code was implemented, rather making someone go through installing IDE etc. or whatever it is now.

All the times I have spent building this web3 marketplace now i have to go back and start rebuilding new way to implementing Cloud code functions. (Sucks.) and not every encouraging using Moralis.


It looks interesting doing everything from your own text editor. You can have a separate folder to hold your cloud functions, which you can simply format your code there quickly and easily and you can also debug your cloud functions for possible errors quickly by watching logs alongside which this helps faster in development.

You can watch this to understand watching cloud from your machine

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