Hi, does anyone know how to get TEST USDC on Avalanche network? For AVAX, I normally run to https://faucet.avax-test.network/ but I cant seem to find an actual faucet for TEST USDC on Avalanche. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

You can deploy a contract that has an ERC20 token. Would that help you? What for you want to use USDC later?

I am looking to build a contract where people can stake USDC, and also get USDC back in rewards. I already have AVAX and CustomToken (both are already deployed on FUJI).

With this, I am looking for a way to get USDC into my test wallet addresses.

I’ve managed to create a tokenlist with USDC on FUJI network using Pangolin exchange. However, I am now greeted with ‘Insufficient liquidity…’ when I try to swap.

I am a bit confused now since I initially thought there are ways to get TestTokens on the TestNets

you can test with any other token instead of USDC on testnet, you can create your own USDC token if you want on testnet, and then give your users that newly created token to test

Is it common practice to create dummy tokens to “simulate” an ERC20 one, and then just change the ERC20 address to the real one when going to production?

that is how I would do it on testnet

Thank you for your knowledge and patience! Will mark this as closed.