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Hello, when I type in “0” to select the server I want to use on Moralis it sets my terminal back to default. I’m using VSC, it let’s me put in both keys but can’t get past the server select part. any suggestions?

// Here’s what happend
Following servers were found:
(0) Polygon (Mumbai)
What server do you want to connect to?: 0
Defaults-Mini-3:chart default$

Can you add a print screen?
And how do you get the the point of selecting the server?

I type in moralis-admin-cli deploy
Then I enter the two Keys in
It asked which server I want [0]
I press “0” Enter
Then it takes me right back to default $


I tested with [email protected] and I got this:

Following servers were found:                                                                  
(0) test_1                                                                                    
(1) test_dev_1                                                                                 
(2) test3                                                                                      
What server do you want to connect to?: 0                                                     
Deployed successfully!                                                                        
Site is available at: 

Maybe you don’t have the latest version for Marlis server or moralis-admin-cli

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Yeah that was it. I must have installed the wrong version but I got it up and running now! Thanks for the help.