Claim-able NFT token


As first i would like to say big thanks for amazing study material from Moralis team.

Is there any way how moralis could help to do claim-able nft ?

Claim-able nft = Allow to specific wallet address mint one nft which is pre-ready ( has got name, image, description, etc ), so you as a seller of nft avoid paying mint network fee .

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My 2 cents:

Moralis won’t help you out with smart contracts, you will still need to write them yourself or use existing ones. To mint an NFT, you need a smart contract in ERC721 or ERC1155 format. I would recommend to lean about using Solidity and OpenZeppelin contract standards, if you plan to launch on an EVM compatible blockchain such as eth, poly, bsc.

Moralis is a backend infrastructure for a database, user management, web3 interaction, cloud functions, historical blockchain data and much much more every day. Moralis will interact with your smart contract(s).

It’s phenomenal and highly recommended to lean and use.

Good luck :muscle:

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Yes this is completely possible. I have done an implementation with ERC 1155. All NFTs are minted through a single contract. I went even further and added edition numbers as well.

My implementation involves having a master contract that has minting privileges for the ERC 1155 contract. You can create an NFT entry in the ERC 1155 contract without minting. Then the master contract determines who it can allow minting through any logic you want.

You may need to become an expert in ERC1155 before attempting to implement this. Let me know if you need more clarification!

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