Charts using Moralis API

Hi Experts,

is it possible to create any kind of charts (line charts, bar charts, etc.,) using Moralis API?

I am trying to create a ETH/BSC portfolio tracker (My 1st website) using Moralis API. I want to show the charts for individual tokens but I am unable to achieve.

Appreciate if any one can guide/share some inputs or documentation or video tutorials.

Thanks & Regards!

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Yes, its is definitely possible to create any kind of charts using a third party library like :

You can pass the values from Moralis APIs to the chart.js


Take a look at ChartJs docs and examples. Note, that for react development you should use ChartJs for React extension. Happy BUIDLing :man_mechanic:

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Thanks for your response.

Could you please provide the API link which can be used to build charts?

Take a look at docs to understand:

Thank you!
I will check the doc.

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Hey, did you have any luck making a chart from this?

nope, I have tried but no luck! Please let me know if you find anything.