Changes to /dateToBlock endpoint

Endpoint /dateToBlock no longer supports providerUrl parameter from July 21st 2022

Products affected

  • [ ] SDK

  • [X] API

  • [ ] Admin UI

  • [ ] Nodes

  • [ ] Servers

Is this a breaking change?

  • [X] yes

  • [ ] no

Description of the change

The /dateToBlock endpoint will no longer support the providerUrl parameter for use with local dev chains.

However, the subdomain parameter, specifying the subdomain of the moralis server to use will be made available.

What exactly can break?

Any use of local dev chain relying on the providerUrl with the /dateToBlock endpoint will no longer return a result.

How to ensure my app won’t break?

In cases where a local dev chain is utilized, such chain must be setup through a moralis server and its address should be specified in the subdomain parameter.

When will this change go live and be mandatory?