Change Gas Fee Price

Hallo Moralis,
how i can change gas fee, to send native coin (bsc),
this case mainnet, but testnet gas fee price so cheap


this code js

async function send() {
        await Moralis.Web3.authenticate({ signingMessage: "hello" });
        const options = {
          type: "native",
          receiver: "0xA06F59649FbAC138c6A5590AB668d42627F46530",
        let result = await Moralis.transfer(options);

        alert(`transferring  ${_amount}  ETH to your requested address. Please allow some time to process your transaction.`);
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Hey @white

Currently SDK doesn’t support this feature. You can change it manually in metamask transaction settings.

I’ll let you know when it’ll be added :raised_hands:

it should take a constant amount of 21000 gas for a native transfer

if i cange manual amount of 21000, this can’t be save. :frowning:


it looks like it says insufficient funds in particular, like when you don’t have enough funds in your account for that transaction

I Got same issues, i used trust wallet and gas fee 2-3 times more expensive than ordinary bsc send transaction
Should every user who wants to transfer set the gas fee manually? Or moralis can reduce the gass fee automatically same as an ordinary bsc transaction

I don’t think that Moralis sets that gas fee, by gas fee you mean that 5 GWEI, right?

yes, you are right . i tried again on truswallet and the gass fee is normal ,
update metamask gas fee normal too,
i like moralis , thanks moralis team for making code on blockchain simpler

Hi Yomoo. Please is this feature available now?