Chainlink vrf paper

@PatrickAlphaC Hey man whats up i hope your well. I was curious to know if chainlink have a paper explaining in detail how the proofs work for the VRFConsumerBase contracts etc. I would love to read more into how in works on a lower level i couldnt find much in the chainlink docs in other than code implementation.

I did stumble across this

but i was wodering if you guys have any other posts or maybe more ideally (papers) going further in depth im specifically curious about the cryptographically proovable part

Hi! Sorry just seeing this. Those posts are all good, but to be honest, I feel the best way to do it is look directly at the smart contracts. Basically, the proofs use the classic private key signing feature essential to cryptography.

VRF2 was just released and you can see the function the chainlink node call here:

Which requires the proof that the contract checks on chain.

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hey @PatrickAlphaC. thank you so much this is great. v2 seems a lot more fleshed out and robust than the original thanks for this will have a look

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