ChainID expectation in authentication with wallet connect

What is the expectation in calling?:

const user = await Moralis.authenticate({ provider: "walletconnect", chainId: 56 })

I couldn’t see this being used in any video from you guys till now and I’m wondering how Metamask should behaves when specifying the chainID to be sure it is working, I read somewhere that Metamask ignores it for now but not sure if the doc is up to date.


For authentication it doesn’t matter what chain it is used in particular, it should work the same with any chain.

:S what’s the usecase then for it?

Where did you see this syntax used?

First it’s in the walletconnect specs, second here Specify the chainId .

Ok, for wallet connect in particular it may be something you should use. In particular the authentication with MetaMask should work the same way with any chain, but later when you want to do a transaction you may want to know on what chain you are doing that transaction and you may want to have a default chain.

“it may be”, that’s what I mean, the use case is not clear, I’m not aware of any currently, that’s why I was asking, maybe it would be good to clarify this in the moralis docs.