Category per Method ID on Moralis?

Hey there! If anyone knows the answer to this let me know :slight_smile:

I’m currently looking into whether or not Moralis classifies transactions based on Method IDs? I believe Method ID is what Etherscan calls it on their end.

I’m looking at different transactions that are “set for approval” and these are classified by Method IDs on Etherscan, is there an equivalent of classification on Moralis? I haven’t been able to see one in the different Endpoints.

Thank you!

From what I know we don’t have that method id somewhere queryable in the API.
You can compute that method id in the same way as you compute the topic for an event and then extract only the first 4 bytes from the resulting hash (in case that you know what function is called and you have the source code of the contract).
You may find that method id hash in the data that is sent to a contract in a transaction.

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