Cant Sycn BscBalance & BscNFTOwner

Hello i am Founder WSPP
i getting error for Sycn on BscBalance and BscNFTOwner on Binance Test net
Please help me
cause we want to release the NFT Marketplace base on Moralis
Thank you
this is my server
The Type Invalid JSON RPC response: “Unauthorized”

we found the issue in your server should be fixed

Fixed the issue now. For anyone else experiencing this, just resave your cloud functions


Thank you Ivan
i am on your course premium for 1 years
i think happy to use moralis love it so much


Thanks Brother
love it

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Dear Ivan
its fix now or still fix it ?

hi it was fixed yesterday

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but show still 47 for ERC721 symbol WOF ivan
its should 57 cause the real data is have 57 Token Id

i checked with the team - we need to do a fix for old servers, it will take a day or two to fix, sorry for that

a quick fix is to do a new server and move all code there

Thank you Ivan
the error is when checking BscBalance
i see on job log is write like this
"Invalid JSON RPC response: “Unauthorized”

do you get that now too?

Yes ivan this is

do you get this also now?

Yes ivan
i think the problem is
they can read user BscAddress
so BscNftOwner not update and Balance not update too

on the Jobs show sycn Invalid Address

Can you start a new server and send us the URL we will copy everything to a new one

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Done Ivan this is new

Thanks sent to the team!

We have now copied over your configuration from the old one to the new one. Make sure to update the server url and appId in your frontend to the new one and try it out. :+1:


Thank you very much
i will check it and try it