Can't see CryptoKitty nft of a given user

I’m using the method “Get the nft onwed by a given address” and can’t retrieve CryptoKitty nft

With this user: 0xcA97A04e562a71D6fC95F335cb6Adc5e07E2E8D8
in etherscan he has 4278 CK:

but with Moralis it retrieves some nft but not CK


What api function do you use to get that list?

I use the method GET /address/nft

Where do you see this?

Max Total Supply:

2,011,304 CK

What is this token?

cryptokitty nfts token

If you try to get the list of token ids for that contract, what you get?

Or try to get the owners

I search for all “token_address” but i can’t find CK

I mean, to try to see directly what that contract returns as owners or toke ids using Moralis web3api. Not a specific address.

What function should I use to get it ?

You can try it directly from admin interface in web3api tab

It is about of the subject, I asked you with Moralis don’t retrieve CK nfts

I don’t know now what is that smart contract. If we don’t index it then you will it see any data. You can try to check if is indexed. And the above steps will check if is indexed.