Can't restart server

There is a Cloud Function Error (Syntax/Undefined Variables) on your code, in order to Update/Restart your server fix the error first, You can check the full Log on the Dashboard -> Logs -> Error

I’m unable to restart my server.
I’ve added Event Sync and Watch address for testing then deleted the Sync and removed all records from database but even Sync is removed the Address is still synced and still populating my database all the time with transactions for that address and I’m unable to restart the server because of that. Even if I clear Cloud functions I’m unable to restart

Hi, we will look, I know that removing an event sync doesn’t work, but that shouldn’t be a problem in restarting the server

I believe the problem araised when I tried to clear tables manually and sometimes I get error that it was not possible to delete some table because it contains row (I think it was BscBalancePending table because its populating all the time)

Server was restarted now. It looks like too many connections are made from beforeConsume hook and server is using 100% of the processor