Can't remove liquidity from PancakeSwap (94 BNB)


I am contacting you because you might be able to help me. I created a fork of Safemoon and added the liquidity on pancakeswap (92 bnb). At first everything worked but after some time it became impossible to exchange the token and remove the liquidity. I learned that there was a way to fix this by setting SwapAndLiquify to False but I already gave up the contract ownership to reassure investors.

If you can help me and find a way to remove the liquidity, I will give you 25% of the blocked BNBs (23.5 BNBs). The problem is that in my contract the PancakeSwap router is the V1 router address while the liquidity is in V2.

Here is the address of my contract: 0x65aa527ccf55756dc2d2a031dd54e99ba7ac0660

Here is the address of the LP: 0x86d4a97de130321e995a21e3c40b964ebbf078b

When I try to remove the liquidity on PancakeSwap, I get the exact same thing as in this video:

When i click on confirm nothing happen…

It’s been a month since my funds are blocked and I still haven’t found a solution, I hope you can help me.

Thank you.
Best regards.


92Bnb locked away is absolutely insane, and I just checked, they’re still sitting there.

I had the same problem when forking another token.

The way I got my stuck BNB out was by setting the variable ‘_SwapEnabled’ to false, as well as by messing around with some other functions. It won’t make sense to go into details here as your contract is different from mine, however I think it is a similar problem.

I was then able to withdraw small percentages of my LP tokens. I’m willing to chat with you about the issue: My telegram: , My discord handle: Hanma#4748

Hopefully you will get the money out.

You will get them only if you are the owner: 0x530b351495e49fc89516c85ef81ac2ef239e8f16

Means you have all the allowance: uint256 115792089237316195423570985008687907853269984665640564039457584007913129639935

And have: a balance of uint256 6841669994419536763962

It seems pretty straightforward, if you want my help I can make all the tests on a BSC mainnet fork and once I get it, I will tell you the step by step, probably will have to make a custom contract to call the functions on the lp token :slight_smile:

dm me on telegram: @kayaba_attribution

I experience same thing and now was able to remove mine with easy steps

Hey @Vanes. Please no self advertise :man_factory_worker:

Hey had the same issue a while back, I’m able to solve this pretty easily. Feel free to message me on telegram (removed)

Hey @a1829 Please no self advertise :man_factory_worker:
If you have a solution - share it here

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