Can't get anything at the address but it has txns on goerliscan

So, we have the following data:
address: 0xe4ee147bd87cbfc7c559bf4eb9ec771cf429cb48
chain: goerli
triggeredBlock: 9413747

This address has Token Transfer on this block

But the following methods give me empty arrays…


Could you tell me what’s going on?

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Hi @badass-ivan

Have you passed the chain param value as goerli chain when calling the functions?

I was able to get the data from the API when tested.


Ahh, I see you are including block number 9413747 in all the requests but as per the wallet transactions the last transaction was on 9091344 block.

If you are not sure about the block you can remove it. Please try the requests without the block number param value.

Dude, I’ve attached the links…
The last transaction was a token transfer 3 days ago

Ahh I see, Sorry I missed that. It looks like you are looking to find the mint events of the contract. Apparently, it seems like we don’t show the mint transactions in the token transfers list, however, you can also get the token balance with Moralis.EvmApi.token.getWalletTokenBalances endpoint.

We have a different endpoint that can be used to get the all the token Mints of a contract that happened on a particular wallet.

Okay, thanks
Will try it