Can't find CMD line within the terminal in VS Code (Mac)

Hi guys, I just started this module and in the video “Hello Moralis” where he’s showing how to set up your new folder structure in VS Code within the terminal window at the bottom using the CMD line, I couldn’t find the CMD line window. The only options that came up for me was zsh, bash, Javascript Debug Terminal and Split Terminal. There was no Command Prompt or anything like that. I’m on a Mac.

Any help?

On Mac you can use bash or zsh or something else equivalent. Cmd.exe is specific to windows

But when I replicate what the instructor is typing in bash or zsh I’m getting errors. So I think I need to be in a CMD equivalent for mac. What is the mac equivalent to the CMD line in VS Code?

What errors you get?
There is a terminal in Mac

I’m not getting errors. Like I said I’m using Visual Code and I can’t find any command line in the terminal of visual code, only zsh, bash, Javascript Debug Terminal and Split Terminal.

what do you expect to see? in Mac you can open terminal separately by clicking right click open terminal, or searching for terminal

do don’t necessarily have to use the command line from Visual Studio Code

Dude, I’m following the Javascrip course. Of course I have to use what the instructor is saying to use.
Anyhow thanks for your time but I don’t think you can help me. No need to keep responding here anymore. I’ll figure it out. Cheers.

As cryptokid mentioned, you got terminal on mac and cmd on windows. They have different command for same process ( some, not all ) and also have some command that does same thing on both. So you need to get the command for a specific process used on CMD provided it doesn’t work on Mac terminal.