"Cannot read property 'token_address' of undefined" on Opensea plugin's createSellOrder

Hi guys, i am facing an issue when calling createSellOrder function define by Moralis’s Opensea’s plugin.
anyone have idea where i am doing wrong? is my contract address and owner address mismatch? because as opensea, i (0x81bbF6d5B299AE8De54AB0F819Cd02A08b8968ec) am the owner of this (0x04F08F734F60426148187517690448F3B453836C) token…

my code :-
await Moralis.Plugins.opensea.createSellOrder({
network: ‘testnet’,
tokenAddress: contract_address, //0x04F08F734F60426148187517690448F3B453836C
tokenId: token_id, //1
tokenType: ‘ERC721’,
userAddress: user.get(‘ethAddress’),//0x81bbF6d5B299AE8De54AB0F819Cd02A08b8968ec
startAmount: 1,
endAmount: 1,
//expirationTime: expirationTime, //Only set if you startAmount > endAmount
console.log(“Response”, res);

Authenticate and enableWeb3 i already done …that i have not copied here…

Hi, in that print screen I see a “tokenAddress” that starts with 0x4Ab that is not 0x04F08F734F60426148187517690448F3B453836C

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sorry by mistake i had uplaoded wrong image, but same error…

@cryptokid? waiting for response by moralis team…

Can you paste for what parameters you get that error now?

Hi @ntsh.vicky

I am investigating the issue. Will keep you posted.

Request Payload in above code


A fix has been pushed.
Update the plugin to v 0.0.87 and try again.

Keep us posted.

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@dani @cryptokid…Thnaks its working now… I had to use weth contract address on payment token address