Cannot deploy - Error body length

Trying to deploy my app to my Morals instance, but receiving the error ERR_FR_MAX_BODY_LENGTH_EXCEEDED.

Subdomain: q4vhspxry4lr
Foldersize: 53MB (below 64MB)

Hey @ArgonVogel

For now, maximum size should be less than 64mb.

Try to reduce the Foldersize or deploy to another server(for testing only). Also, could you provide your server subdomain?

Hey Yomoo,

my original post already has the data you need.

Subdomain: q4vhspxry4lr
Foldersize: 53MB (below 64MB)

Could you try to upload subfolders and not the entire folder at once?

When I try to only upload the css folder, I get the following error that the folder must contain index.html.

I have deployed the website now to a private server, since I cannot use own domains on Moralis anyway.