Can you load metadata into an array?

i watched a tutorial on saving metadata…

is there any way to load metadata?

async function savemetadata(name,health,strength){

const MonsterCreature = Moralis.Object.extend("Monster");
  const monster = new MonsterCreature();

  const metadata = {
    health: health,
    strength: strength,
    name: name


I’m not sure what is the question, it looks like this example saves the metadata as an object.

is it possible to retrieve this data?

loadmetadata= async () => {
const Monster = Moralis.Object.extend(“Monster”);
const query = new Moralis.Query(Monster);
query.equalTo(“name”, “eric”);
const results = await query.first();

if(results) {

const metadata = {
  health: 0,
  strength: 0,
  name: "name",

results.get("metadata", metadata);


you can read more about queries here:

it should be possible to make a query to get that data