Can you guys implement that boilerplates' you made for react without antd please

can you guys implement that boilerplates’ you made for react without antd please

You can rewrite your components and change it to the style of your favour.

You guys talk about saving time some of those styles are inline that’s going to be such pain take apart thanks for your help tho :+1:t5:

Hi @Rilla

In the beginning, it was fully on inline&css styles. But the code was full of <div>s, styles and the UI wasn’t really good. We selected the Antd because it’s lightweight, it covers 90% of HTML needs and the code becomes more readable and reusable

It’s a boilerplate, I guess it’s easier to rewrite your code when the components look like <Card> and not like: <div><div><div></div></div></div>

If we shouldn’t use Antd, what do we should use instead? Let us know please

I prefer style components just Make a global style sheet that covers most of the key points you want to emphasize on the boilerplate and the rest you use name specific tags that don’t interfere with code at all you just wrap it in a name tag you create. And the freedom of using creative name tags makes the css a lot clearer And with antd its pain adding images or user created logo that aren’t svg thanks for your help again