Can someone please look into this contract

I found a youtube video of someone promoting a pancakeswap front running bot, now im kinda suspicious about this contract however I cant see any flaws because the way this is written is above my head.
The whole thing strikes me like 1 of the to good to be true things

Here is the code

and here is 1 of the videos promoting this contract

I have seen a lot of youtube channels pop up with 40 - 5000 subs promoting this contract, like I said it seems suspicious but i cant tell
and I dont want to test myself and lose money :frowning:

Hi there,

We cannot offer you help outside of our own tutorials but a good rule of thumb to follow is.

No one absolutely no one gives away free money. If they offer free money they are trying to scam you. Follow our tutorials, we have a full series on Solidity, and vyper coding.