Can not unwatchContractEvent - Permission denied

I am trying to unwatch an event I created in code, but I get a Permission denied error. I am using {useMasterKey:true} so why the permission error?

const options = {"tableName":"AxialAxialAADGuageAxialAADGuage"}
const wce = await"unwatchContractEvent", options, {        useMasterKey: true,  });


"Log":{2 items
"success":bool false
"error":string "Permission denied for action delete on class EventSync."

maybe there are some problems with access rights on that EventSync class, maybe coreservices doesn’t have rights to it

if you delete it from the interface I guess that it works

Do you mean to delete that specific row from the EventSync table?

no, I mean to delete it from admin interface, from where you can add it

deleting it from that table will not remove it

It was created in Code so you can not add / remove or see these in the Admin interface.

you should see them in admin interface

do you have latest version of the server?

0.0.358 - just restarted it to get it to update to that.
Something very strange happening:

Have a look -

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ok, this seems to be a non nitro server

you could try to upgrade it to nitro or to create a nitro server

Ok upgrading with the Nitro plugin seems to have resolved things.

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