Can moralis/node have Moralis.Cloud.useMasterKey()

Is there a convenience function available for the moralis/node that is similar to the


It seems very contrary to DRY and KISS to have to include {useMasterKey: true} in every command.

While using both client and server side Node.js based code in the same code base, it gets easily mixed up when writing quick queries and Iā€™m having different initialisers that configure for the corresponding uses cases. (server side or client side)

It would be nice to have something that sets it on Moralis.start or even after it like Moralis.useMasterKey(true) to enable it for some code segment by default.

add masterKey in Moralis.start like

Moralis.start({ appId, serverUrl, masterKey });

I do, but you still need to pass the {useMasterKey: true} to each operation atm.