Can Moralis let me build and exchange?

Can Moralis allow me to to build an exchange? I’m trying to figure out how to accept the coin transfers into my users. can Moralis facilitate this, by assigning deposit addresses for different coins and then notifying me when the transfer has arrived for the given user so I can let them trade it?

it can help you in doing that, you can try to use 1Inch plugin, you can sync events to see when a transfer was made in order to get that notification

or use web3api to check the transfers to a specific wallet address

The private keys associated with the deposit addresses, who holds those if I did this 1Inch or web3api check solution? So Moralis would have to be the custodian of the keys and assets then right?

no, the user has the private key, Moralis doesn’t store any private keys, the user has to sign the transaction in metamask to make that exchange in case of 1Inch

I’m confused. If I’m making an exchange, people will send my exchange coins. So the user sends the coins to an addresses generated by Moralis because its facilitating the service. It will notify my exchange (API whatever) when the coins have arrived. How do I get the coins then? I need to get/see/send this asset/coin that was transferred to the exchange at some point. Therefore I need the private key associated with the deposit address. Who controls that? Who has that? Me (during coding I somehow get it) or does Moralis have it?

There are different types of exchange, with 1Inch you can exchange directly in 1 transaction from one token to another token, the user has full control of the private key in this case.

I’m case that you want to manage the funds, you will have to manage the private key or keys. Moralis doesn’t help you with those private keys. It can only help you in finding out when the funds were transferred to an address.

Ok, thanks for clearing that up. Good to know.