Can I get this swap infromation using Moralis?

I need to monitor transactions to get the tokens and amounts beeing swapped in a transaction. Is this possible to retrieve this information using Moralis?

For example tx

I want to extract and persist the data that FXS was swapped for USDC and the price for that swap.

I need
token0 + address + amount
token1 + address + amount

Can this be done using Moralis? I have a production server and would appreciate any help.

you can try to use events, in case that all the information is available in events

you can see the events here:

How can I get the information about what token and the token amount from these events tho?

I don’t know how to identify the swap, you can identify the transfers from there, and there is also another event that I don’t know how to interpret it, that may be an event related to the swap as it is only twice in that transaction