Can I call write function of contract via Moralis Rest API?

Hi @cryptokid, @qudusayo,

I have one question.
Can I call the write functions of contract via moralis rest apis?
I need to call moralis apis without port(2053).

I tried to call write function via the following.
But, it can call only read function, not write function.

It is possible?


Yes it would be read only since there’s nothing to sign a transaction.

I guess technically an endpoint could be set up where you also pass in a private key for a wallet, but it just wouldn’t be a good idea to set up or use.

Sorry, it seems 2053 port doesn’t work for me now.

It is our network issue or yours?
Can you confirm?

it could be your network

you can also check if the server works as expected, you can try to update it in admin interface