Can anyone help me with this

  1. Hello pls see the attachment below,but tried to run on node js and virtual studio terminal, it always gives me an error do I need to install anything to be able to run these types of command?

  2. I’m wondering if you guys can be of help, I’m trying to have on my dashboard user token status, that is when users connect to my dashboard they are able to see how much of my tokens they hold and also pending reflections from reward tokens

  3. I have trading view chart code to embed on my website but doesn’t have Options for all mem coin expectially the newly released coins, could help ne resolve this?
    Sometimes someplace tokens won’t load on the chart

  4. I’m wondering if you guys can also help me with the code to embed crypto currency wallet login on my website, I want it such that when users come to purchase things on my site, all they need do will be to connect their wallet and they will be to pay for that particular item

Many thanks sir

Download VS Code

start a new workspace

Make sure Npm is working within the terminal.

I doubt you would have to re-install Node but you may.

Then run these commands in the terminal.

Also create a new instance of moralis within the cloud ( as you have leaked your secret key in posting that image.

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