Can anyone help in tax calculations app

I want to build a platform where users can calculate their taxes and see all their wallets, I’m not too good in programming, just at the beginners level in javascript, can anyone help me, how can build this app and lunch of finance and Ethreum platform, I need to build fast and lunch.

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Welcome aboard @boborisco! :man_mechanic:

Moralis is easy to use even for beginners, but basic Js and web3 knowledges are still needed.
How you can go about learning Javascript is:

  1. on your own, which can be tedious and very frustrating, or

  2. follow a structured Course, that’s going to take you from a complete zero knowledge to being able to program very well in Javascript. Here it is, it’s a Course by Ivan On Tech Academy -

We have Moralis Youtube channel with nice tutorials:
and cool documentation

I hope it will help you :mage:

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You can get info about Calculating Uniswap Fees here