Calling Web3 API using my Speedy Node

I have a Node JS container calling the Moralis Web3 API with but now I want to switch that out with the speedy node but I am getting a 401 Unauthorized invalid ws_archive response. What is the correct path for calling the Moralis Web3 API using my speedy node url?

Thank you for your help.

What are you trying to do now? Web3api is not same thing as using a speedy node, you have a different url for speedy nodes in your admin interface.

I am trying to call the Web3 API using the speedy node url.

That is not possible from what I know, you either use web3api or speedy node

Got it. The speedy node is only for initializing a provider for the Moralis Javascript SDK?

yes, or you can use it to make requests directly to a node

Cool, thank you for the explanation.