Calling a python function from js on moralis server

Guys I am new to programming and especially to blockchain programming, but i am trying to create a timer and when time expire to execute a function from smartcontract.
With js is not possible because the timer ressets when user refresh the page, i am trying to achieve this with a python script.
I search over the internet solutions, but nothing with moralis.
How can i interact with the python script via moralis webserver?
I will apreciate some guidance.

you can write everything in python if you want (the part that sends a transaction to the blockchain), there is web3 library directly in python

you can also make a cloud function and call it from python, or create a job on the server that gets called ever x minutes (in this case it will be javascript)

cloud code documentation:

but this will be all server side, I don’t completely understand your use case