Calling a function and passing in Byte data?

I’m working on a contract that can receive NFT transfers, to be held in escrow for auction.

Contracts meant to receive NFT transfers should implement an onERC721Received() as per the ERC-721 standard.

According to the standard, this funciton should accept the following parameters: function onERC721Received(address _operator, address _from, uint256 _tokenId, bytes _data) external returns(bytes4);

My quesiton is - using the Moralis SDK, how can I send bytes formatted information to this function as the _data parameter?

In the past I’ve used Moralis’s executeFunction to execute transactions passing in parameters of type string and unit, but never byte.

Is it possible to send byte formatted data using executeFunction? For example I’d like to send some data related to how long the auction should last within the _data parameter.

If so, how is that byte data converted back to usable data (strings or uint’s) when received by the contract?

I’m not sure how we would solve this problem. Initially, I thought if we can send it through json but that’s not the right way. Perhaps someone on the forum can have a better understanding on how to pass in bytes through Moralis.