Call Solidity functions via JS

Hi. I have data poured into ipfs, through the Moralis service. The names of my data do not match _setURI (solidity), that is, what Moralis returned to me is what I use. I have a solidity function:

uint256[] public number;
uint256[] public count;
constructor(uint256[] memory _number, uint256[] memory _count) ERC1155(“{id}”)
number = _number;
count = _count;
_mintBatch(msg.sender, _number, _count, “0x00”);
Code js:
web3.eth.defaultAccount = web3.eth.accounts[0];
var mycontract = web3.eth.contract(myABI);
var coursetro =‘0xb8EAa27692AF5E6e7ed1bB88CD789707c878E3a2’);

So I have a list of references (1) to JSON data that moralis returned to me. I want to own 100 items, I have 100 references (1), and now I want to call the constructor correctly so my 100 references (1) are inserted instead of the id and so I can pass arguments to the constructor. Can someone show me on my example how to do this. At least some information. Regarding the id I know that you don’t have to follow a strict numbering and you can just specify references to ipfs.

And yes, I just have a big, long project. Right now all I need to do is just dumbly mint these hundred NFTs and that’s it. That’s why I have no desire to learn node.js and stuff like that additionally. Since all the basic functions of the software package are implemented in C#. That is, the main thing is just to call the function. Somebody please show me an example.

This is how I poured the data first images, and after I got the links to the files, I specified those links in the json files and sent them to ipfs through this function.

       async function uploadData(input) {
            const data = input;
            const file = new Moralis.File(, data);
            await file.saveIPFS();

It is not clear which data you are referring here.

ERC1155 standard uses uint256 data type for token ID’s. So if you use the ipfs for ID’s it will throw an error, when you try to mint.

Check this doc example on how to run a smart contract function. You have to update the option parameters as per your contract.