bulkWrite not working (returns 0 count on bulk insert)

Hi Team,

I’m trying to do bulk insertions in DB (around 1731 entries) by using the following cloud function code.

  async function (request) {
    return await Moralis.bulkWrite("Test_Bulk_Data", request.params.bulkData)

and getting 0 insert count in the response like this:

data: {
    result: {
      result: [Object],
      insertedCount: 0,
      matchedCount: 0,
      modifiedCount: 0,
      deletedCount: 0,
      upsertedCount: 0,
      upsertedIds: {},
      insertedIds: {},
      n: 0

The bulkData passed to the cloud function is also in proper format like this:

[{update: {"name" : "Apple", "color" : "green"},
                     {update: {"name" : "Orange", "color" : "orange"}]

Could you please assist me for inserting bulk data in DB.