Bulk user import

Hi all

Is there any way we can import bulk users into Moralis DB (400k users)

Can we use direct MongoDB insert into the user table
or should we use cloud function and user.signUp();

Those users have only username and password?

Or also eth address?

yes, they have username and password only,

and is there any way we can convert them to metamask login account, I mean add ethAddress later

They can be converted later by using Moralis.link, but every user will have to do that

It may be possible to connect directly to mongo db and add the users with username and password, but Iā€™m not sure if that is enough and you many need to use same id format as it is used now

Thanks, How do we insert bulk users? proper way

How fast it works with user.signUp?

It takes lot of time, I would like add directly to mongo db if possible. it is actually 400k

400k users to add? That seems like a lot